Redesign/Build – Day 1

So I am starting in drones. It seemed a next logical step from robots and R/C aircraft (which at least one of the R/C airplanes I have qualifies as a drone)… anyhow… I started building DIY R/C drones to start learning about them.

I found myself, at least with a choice of flight controller, woefully in the dark. Some years back I bought a Multi-Wii, without really knowing what I was getting myself into. Skip ahead to fairly recent and I bought an HK KK2 flight controller and didn’t have super amounts of luck there. While I got the KK2 running, it really is an older board, not well supported IMO and really behind the times, as I found out as I learned more.

Skip ahead to an accidental run in with a Hak5 video on DIY drones and found a great starter source of info. Including the ease at which a Naze32 board can be used. Weird, I usually follow Hak5 for security stuff… but there is an entire playlist on drones and drone hacking.

Anyhow… day one of the redesign and build using the awesome Hak5 info.

Day one DIY QAV250 build

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